Tuesday, 11 April 2017

When we went to the creek it looks,d green but now it is brow and our future is not bad  because. we been looking after  our future. because we are the guardian of the future. then we could brave oxygen  because without  the trees we will breve the yoke air.  so that way  you look after your  environment. and we also have to pack  up rubbish so our future is clan.

On Monday s room Twelve go to the park and play a game and it s called Blindfold and I well tell you the reels it goes like this you get a hat and a jumper and raper it around their eyes and hold on to their hand and walk them around the park then when Mr Moran ses switch  it it the other  peens tarn.

Animation Term 1

I am making this so anyone no how to look afftr our environment and if we dot we will breve dry air.  

Friday, 7 April 2017

Duffy Books

Today I was lucky and blessed to get my own Duffy Book thank heaps Duffy.