Friday, 31 March 2017

New Zealand Sea Lions

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Paper Plane

Yesterday room 12 went to the whare fono so we can find out  who the pt England world champion papa plan thrower is. I  was thinking my plan was just going to land but it went like a plan throw the sky. Then it was the finals then I lost  that then out of these 5 only 1 prose won and it was Valelil was the wiener and really I was  thinking   that Slakupega was going to win but it was Valeli he won.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Relay Race

Today at  9.00 we done our mihi and our waiata then after that Mr Moran wiring group went and do a relay race. There was this long pole and you put your head on the top of the pole then.  The next obstacle was the hurdles and then the  next one was the hula hoop. Then the cone then we had to sprint back. Then we had to gave the relay baton to them. Then we go at the back of the line then we nil down. because the grass was  wet then air all of us we went back to class.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

 When I was walking I saw a ride so I went on it and  I was waiting in line and I was confident waiting in line then when it was my turn  it was  scared re  at first. we went inside it was drake and there was a doer it  look like I was going to fly like a bird and it reminded me  about  dead pool and then it stopped and said it,s superman then all of a sudden it sopped then it went up then it down the it went fast then it went in cockerels and that when I but my hand up in the air.

Friday, 10 March 2017

I was slowed opening my eyes  and I wake up in the middle of nowhere   it  was dark and i was feeling really  scared so I went up into the room and she sow this doer  so she open it
And it side put the key there and she did  and it said go there and it will take you back home so she went inside and it teak her back home and she wake