Monday, 31 July 2017

I was slowed opening my eyes  and i wake up in the middle of nowhere   it  was dark and i was feeling really  scared so i went up into the room and she sow this dore  so she open it
And it side put the key there and she did  and it sied go there and it will take you back home so she went inside and it theck her back home and she wake up and she said it was she went back to sleep  the end

the sun

the sun is the largest star in our solar system however there are many stars like it in the wider universe. the Earth is just the right distance from the sun. but our plant is not too hot or too cold the light takes 8 mint to reach Earth and gives life to our plants. Astronauts they never will be able to land on the sun as it reaches 5000 500 degrees Celsius one humerus time humans can stand. The sheer size of the system to orbit  around it born 5 billion years ago. The sun have been  producing it at night in a long long time.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

the scary house

In the distance dimmed lights and a old house there is a old bridge leading to the house. It was an old bridge it was there for hundreds of years. Watching every step I took. I slowly found myself across the bridge.creek I can  hear this noiz of the door slowly opening and the rocking chair no one  was sitting on it. I slowly opening the door aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I hard to be continued...

Monday, 3 July 2017


Frosty and the BMX Kid

Jumping into the deep blue water the boy name was BMX and he done a humongous bomb. Delicious Sweet ice cream with sprinkles all over it and it dropped into the blue deep shallow water.bomb was big and massive and it look like a boat smashed into the rocky cleft.

Under the blue sky BM was having a talk to god about bombs and ice cream. God and the BMX kid were having a talk outside BM and god going have a try to do a bomb.
Powerfully god done humongous bomb and it looked like a fountain of spray. God’s bomb was humongous and he done a humongous bomb . Good bomb was big and he made the mountains go raw.

this week we are leering about bees

bees dace so they can tell the other bees to do that like slant t

The Waves smash down onto the side of the ramp and all of a sudden I heard a  big splash .There was lightning coming out of nowhere .There   was a dog barking like a crocodile. Our Tummies were starting to rumble and we all began to get hungry ,but were a bit to scared to go out in our Waka .

I voyaged my waka to get some fish so we can cook . Birds flew over my head and my family heads as we searched for fish . Dolphins and Killer whales swam under our boat .

While we watched the Dolphins I noticed a hole in our Waka that was letting water in .

my mihi

hi I am tahliyah and  I this is my mihi  plees enjoy